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Networked Lightning Detectors

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StrikeStar US Network

Not to be used for the protection of life & property

SaskLightning cannot guarantee the accuracy of the lightning detector. The accuracy of a Boltek detector is determined by many factors - placement of the detector, electromagnetic interference, distance from strokes, storm intensity, etc. Out to about 400Km, a Boltek detector is surprisingly accurate. Beyond that, it can sense direction and intensity but usually gets distance incorrect.

Seek proper shelter well in advance of approaching lightning whenever possible. It is important to remember that thunderstorms can develop quickly and with little warning. Lightning can be present in significant amounts even when NexStorm is not tracking any structured thunderstorms.

Environment Canada has a good page discussing lightning safety. A link to this page is provided under Quick Links to the left. They also have a pdf document available discussing Severe Summer Weather. I highly recommend you read that document.